7.3.2012 The winter is over - official!



Went out to Loppijärvi (Lake Loppi) about 55 km NNW of Helsinki. Clear skies and a steady, gentle southerly wind. By the time we got there, another club was already out on the ice, training new paragliding pilots. We set up our towing line parallel to theirs, and were soon ready to start. First trip of the year - a bit nervous, but the glider seems to handle nicely on the ground before flight: have to stretch the lines and remove the crinkles from the wing, which has been sitting in its bag since last autumn.

Now the tow-line tightens and we are in the air; around unfolds the clean clear white of the snowy landscape, with dark forest patches here and there. Soon it's time to cast off the line - over 600 m, not too bad!
After a little playing, turns to the right and left, speed up, slow down, hey, this is just as it should be! Now to carve out a nice landing pattern - downwind, then across, along the little ridge and back again to drop off some height, and now to turn in towards the landing spot, always such a satisfying experience. The last few metres, hold off, and a soft step onto the snow-covered ice. Done! Video of take-off and landing.

After most of us had flown three or four flights, the sun had already dipped down to the horizon and it was time to pack up our wings and equipment, and head off home, tired but very contented. Markus' flight video.
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